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Mil STD 810F Method 510.5 Procedure 1 or 2 Sand and Dust AECTP 300 Method 313 Blowing Sand, Blowing Dust DEF STAN 00-35, IEC 60068, GAM EG 13 Blowing Sand, Blowing Dust


주요 특징
US Patent # 8,773,186 B2 특허 100% 모래 및 먼지 포집이 가능하여 Mil STD 810G Test 가능 미국 육군 해군 및 기타 시험기관에 납품 실적


자동차 및 방산 부품 및 완제품의 모래 먼지 시험 항공우주 관련 제품 Mil STD 810F 모래 먼지 시험

제품 사양+

• Automated Temperature control form 21 ~ 93℃
• Automated Humidity Control for dust test to less than 30%PH
• Automated Wind Velocity Control from 0 – 29m/s
• Sand and Dust Concentration System provides a calibrated loss-in-weight measurement using : Rate = (Concentration) (Area) (Velocity)
• This concentration system is unique to the Desert Wind™ Patented design. It is the only system currently capable of providing a repeatable concentration of sand or dust to the test chamber